fitt magazine
08 March 2023

FITT and Women for Freedom

The responsible flow, FITT’s sustainability strategy to 2030 driven by innovation, interdependence and transparency, sees the S – Social – criterion implemented through the support of local and international social and environmental initiatives, mainly in the areas of health, women, youth and the disabled.

For FITT, doing business today means establishing an open and active relationship with the territory in which it operates. It therefore chooses to abandon the logic of production solely for profit and embraces the concept of value generation, which cannot disregard social and environmental values.

Within the scope of this decision lies the partnership with Women For Freedom, an independent and impartial humanitarian organisation whose aim is to help women and children who are victims of discrimination and who live in hardship, emergency or poverty conditions.

A shared desire, this venture involving FITT and Women For Freedom, based on universal values such as culture, respect, inclusion, equality, listening and self-fulfilment.
The partnership between FITT and Women For Freedom will lead to joint activities addressing social, environmental and community issues and consisting of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, fund raising, workshops and training.

These inclusive partnerships, built on principles and values, a common vision and shared goals that put people and the planet at the centre, are needed at global, regional, national and local levels in order to bring the sustainable development agenda to fruition.

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