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02 December 2019

FITT proudly attended the 25-year celebration of Città della Speranza

Always close to Fondazione Città della Speranza (City of Hope Foundation), the non-profit organisation engaged in ensuring the health and well-being of children that every day fight against serious diseases, FITT was very proud to attend it’s 25-year celebration.

Every year Città della Speranza allocates 700 thousand Euro to the advanced diagnostics of the Paediatric Onco-haematology Clinic of Padua, a national point of reference for the diagnosis of leukaemia, recognised by Associazione Italiana di Emato-Oncologia Pediatrica (AIEOP – Italian Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Association). The Foundation opened and supports Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica Città della Speranza (City of Hope Paediatric Research Institute), the largest European research centre of this field, which deals with childhood diseases from several point of views, with the object of increasing success levels and new discoveries.

The solidarity evening, on 30 November in Thiene (VI), was an important “Little Prince” themed artistic meeting opportunity aimed at raising funds to help the work of the foundation, but also at offering to the city an event that would make people dream and think.

Sustaining valuable and socially committed initiatives is for FITT an important way to give something back, with the involvement of all our staff, to ensure participation and responsibility towards our territory, and living by our values, as a business and a community of people.

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