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23 May 2022

FITT partner of Terrevolute, the land reclamation Festival

History, innovation, science, technology, environmental enhancement, safeguard and management of water resources: these are some of the traits underpinning the collaboration between FITT and Terrevolute, the land reclamation festival that will take place in San Donà di Piave from 24 to 29 May.

The festival, now in its 5th edition, celebrates this year an important milestone: the centenary of the First Regional Congress for the Reclamations of the Veneto Region, which in 1922 marked the beginning of a new path for the sector, characterised by economic development and respect for the environment.

Several are the reasons that prompted FITT to become a partner of Terrevolute: firstly, the FITT Bluforce system, the PVC-A pipes intended for transporting pressurised fluids in drinking and non-drinking water networks. Secondly, FITT’s commitment to ensure access to water even in areas where it is not readily available, consistently with SDG 6 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which FITT has adopted in its sustainability strategy.

FITT is aware that: in 2020 2 billion people around the world were still without safely managed drinking water; in 2019, the municipal water distribution networks recorded a 40 per cent loss of input volumes; and, in the last 40 years, coastal zones and wetlands, which capture carbon up to 55 times faster than rainforests, have shrunk by around 35%.
This is why FITT has chosen to take action, rather than just idly stand by: it decided to become a Benefit Company, joined the UN Global Compact and adopted 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

In terms of production, FITT’s responsibility journey goes through four fundamental actions: measure, know, improve and compensate.
Moreover, the continuous research into plastic materials, the development of new technopolymers and the study of transformation processes are what drive FITT each and every day in the production of innovative solutions capable of meeting the environmental challenges of today and the future.

The land reclamation Festival is an event that brings together the academic world, land reclamation consortia and supply chain companies and players capable of generating value for the environment and people: a vision in line with FITT’s responsibility strategy.
An event that binds FITT and ANBI Veneto – the Regional Union of Consortia that groups together and represents all the 11 reclamation consortia of the Veneto region -, in order to generate connections, ideas, solutions and new technologies to promote environmental sustainability and the enhancement of the territory and its resources.

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