fitt magazine
12 May 2021


FITT has joined ELITE, the platform of integrated services created to support and enhance the best Italian companies, with the aim of helping them grow and become global leaders. By adhering to the ELITE program, FITT continues in its path of reinforcement of the Group and strategic consolidation, for the purpose of pursuing an internationalization project that sees it committed to non-EU markets, mainly United States and China.

In spite of the still ongoing pandemic, FITT closed 2020 with a solid presence in its reference markets. The results achieved have been possible thanks to market strategies aimed at diversifying production, as well as industrial choices in favour of technological investments, multi-plant logics, reinforced by proprietary logistics on a European scale, and a commitment to environmental sustainability and ESG performance.

This path is a way to grow within FITT the skills necessary for the further development of our Group.” Says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT. “The access to the training and consulting network of ELITE will allow us to reach challenging objectives: from the industrialization project in the United States, to the approach of new fields of application relating to the food sector on the Chinese market, to an internal reorganization aimed at making the company more and more performing and connected with market needs

And indeed, joining the ELITE project makes available an international network that guides companies through a process of cultural and organizational change, bringing them closer to capital markets, strengthening their ability to compete, improving their governance and their relationships with qualified investors, for a more effective response from the financial system.

The ELITE system revolves around the core principles of growth and excellence, which fully reflect the way of FITT of doing business.

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