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01 December 2020

FITT Future Headquarters: the contest organised by FITT in collaboration with YAC to design the new spaces of our Group

How will companies evolve in the future? Will more space be needed to create or produce? Will that same space also be a place of aggregation, exchange and well-being?

This and many others have for a while been hot topics in the agenda of FITT, who in collaboration with YAC – Young Architects Competitions – has launched the FITT Future Headquarters contest, the competition for the design of the new spaces of the group.

The designers taking part in the contest will have the opportunity to understand, interpret and represent FITT through their own vision of workspace of the future: a place where leadership, progress and corporate identity come to life in architectural forms capable of becoming an international benchmark in the field of design at the service of the working community.

The new spaces will host the FITT community, helping to develop insights and research, to surprise and inspire, to reflect, deepen and cultivate ideas in the name of well-being, sustainability and innovation.

Young. Because young people are the heirs of the future. Because young designers are the parties of the contest. Because youth represents audacity, daring, genius, courage, positivity and light-heartedness.

International. Like the jury called to evaluate the proposals: Alessandro Adamo, Hasan Çalışlar, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Adun Opdal, Carlo Ratti, Nicola Scaranaro, Patrik Schumacher and of course the CEO of FITT, Alessandro Mezzalira. International like the boundaries of the contest: the participants of each team may come from different countries, different cities, or different universities. International like FITT – now in its second generation -, a giant of about 1000 people working in about 87 different countries.

Innovative. Because innovation is the distinguishing element of FITT, at the basis of the development of all our cutting-edge solutions. Because the new building will have fluid and dynamic spaces, and will be an incubator for new ideas, insights and expressions.

Sustainable. Because the Group has started an evolution process for improving its social and environmental impact, through tangible actions and measures regarding products and processes.

Community-driven. Because the new spaces should facilitate aggregation and develop a sense of belonging: not only for the working community – the FITT People -, but also for the global community.

“We are proud to have launched this international initiative in collaboration with YAC, to give voice to young people, their ideas and desires. – says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT. The current pandemic and the modern technologies are revolutionizing the way we work, which is no longer linked to a physical place, but to the ability of a space, even virtual, to infuse ideas, inspire creativity and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. I want to thank in advance all the designers who will put themselves to the test. I can’t wait to hear their proposals.”

The contest ends on January 27th and is open to students, graduates, freelancers, not necessarily experts in architectural disciplines, or belonging to professional associations.

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