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12 March 2019

1969-2019: Flowing Forward

1969-2019: 50 years of growth and innovation

A very special year has begun: in 2019, we are celebrating our first 50 years of business. It is an important anniversary that should be celebrated. We ought to be proud and aware of what we have done so far, and we should feel free to look towards what we still have to achieve.

It is an entrepreneurial adventure that began thanks to the intuition and expertise of just a few people, and that today we are celebrating as many people. A story of growth and innovation is continuing, which – patent after patent, talent after talent – has taken our products to stores, homes and construction projects all over the world.

We have come far, but in particular, we have done so without moving away from the values that have always kept our business community together. These are the same values that we will base our decisions and projects on in the years to come. Only by working together have we achieved the results that we are proud of today. And, only in this way will we be able to face the challenges that await us tomorrow: with the contribution and talent of each and every one of us.

So, together and looking towards the future is how we have imagined to continue in our growth over the next 50 years. This is the spirit that will inspire our celebrations in 2019 and our attitude towards the future: Flowing Forward.

“Since the beginning of time, everything has been flowing. Things change and evolve. We can’t hinder this or stop it. Everything is moving: time, energy, life, projects and businesses. In some ways, this happens regardless of our actions. In other ways, the contrary we can help the flow rather than obstructing it or forcing it; we can channel the flow, so that nothing disperses or overflows; we can go with the current, without getting dragged under. We can and must give purpose and a direction to what is happening – transforming, changing and flowing – in and around us. We know that this will continue to depend on us. And we are aware that this is the challenge we are being called to take on: to contribute to making this world a better place, for us and for future generations. Making hoses and doing business, because that is what we know how to do best.” Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO

Continuing to progress fluidly: this is what Flowing Forward means. Flowing fluidly towards new challenges, new products, new markets, new production processes and new organisational forms. To do so, we will continue to do everything in our power to turn mistakes into experience, doubts into knowledge, challenges into imagination and desires into intent.

Let’s move forwards, then, because the impossible challenges are the ones that make us grow and get the most out of us. Let’s do it now, because now is the only time when our decisions can make a difference. Let’s do it to the best of our ability, because the future, like everything we hold dearly, needs care, respect and attention. Let’s do it together, because it will be diversity that increasingly makes a difference.

The pressure and the depth of the challenges that await us don’t matter. Whether it is the passage of time or the flow of a liquid, this is the entrepreneurial spirit that will continue to inspire us and that we are certain will consolidate a new way of being and doing business over time: one which is increasingly aware, responsible, sustainable and collective.

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