FITT Stiltek Food

New hose with double reinforcement for both the suction and delivery of liquid foods; FDA-certified and Reg/EU 10/2011 A-B-C-D1 compliant

Certified for liquid foods with alcohol content up to 50% vol, FITT Stiltek Food is a double reinforced hose deisgned to withstand vacuum and higher discharge pressures


Transparent PVC hose with galvanised harmonic steel spiral embedded in the substrate and high tenacity braided polyester textile reinforcement, covered by outer layer.

FCM - Compliant with EU Regulation 10/2011 for Simulants A-B-C-D1.
Compliant with FDA CFR 21 - 175.300.

Maximum versatility of use;
High working pressure and vacuum



  1. Spiral steel: Inside the inner layer, it guarantees excellent vaccum resistance
  2. Textile reinforcement in PET: Improved resistance to pressure in delivery applications
  3. PVC inner/outer layer: Smooth and transparent to see the smoothness of the liquid
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