FITT Revolution

The exclusive drain pipe for use inside buildings

PVC pipe with SN2 compact wall for drains inside buildings. IIP tested flame retardant, Euroclass E, according to the EN 13501 standard and in compliance with Ministerial Decree no. 174 of 06/04/2004 and Ministerial Decree of 21/03/1973.

Flame resistant

FITT has developed Revolution, a PVC-U (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) based pipe with fire resistance and propagation characteristics far superior to other polymers, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. IIP tested the reaction of the material in contact with fire according to the latest EN ISO 11925-2 European method and confirmed the Revolution pipe as belonging to Euroclass E (EN 13501 classification).

Revolution is an SN2 tested pipe with characteristics that make it suitable for use according to the test methods of the EN 1329 standard: The UNI EN 1053 (now UNI EN ISO 13254) method for water tightness. The UNI EN 1054 (now UNI EN ISO 13255) method for the airtightness of the joints. The UNI EN 1055 (now UNI EN ISO 13257) method for resistance to alternating high and low temperature cycles.

FITT is sensitive to the environment. Unlike all the similar products on the market, Revolution is made using a stabiliser that is totally free of heavy metals. The product therefore complies with the 94/62/EC Directive of the European Parliament on Pb, Hg, CD and Hexavalent Cr concentrations, in the packaging or their components. Revolution complies with the following regulations:
• Health Min. Decree no. 174 of 6/04/2004: regulation on materials and products that may be used in fixed installations for the collection, treatment, conveyance and distribution of water intended for human consumption
• Ministerial Decree of 21/03/73 and subsequent updates: plastic products for use in contact with foodstuff or for personal use.

Increased safety by reducing the number of manual handling operations, increased stability of the shipped material by reducing the number of pipes per pallet, significantly reduced time for the manual handling of single pieces (compared to whole pallets) and bundles (compared to single pieces), improved service and increased speed in the preparation and loading of materials.
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