KTW-A and DVGW W270 certified hose for use with drinking water and liquid foods manufactured in compliance with EU Regulation 10/2011 (simulants A-B-C-D1).

Certified by the German Hygiene-Institut laboratory, FITT Pure meets the most stringent German and European regulations for drinking water and the food industry. Also suitable for installation in drink delivery taps at pubs, at fairs and events. Non-toxic and plasticizer-free patented hose, extremely flexible and resistant.


TPE hose with NTS Plus mesh.

European Patent N. 2032352

Certified KTW-A and DVGW W270 by the Hygiene-Institut.
FCM - Compliant with European Regulation 10/2011 for Simulants A-B-C-D1.

Extremely flexible at low temperatures.
Extremely light and easy to handle



German certification regarding the use of hoses with drinking water: it certifies that any hose matter migrations into the drinking water stay below the tolerance threshold.

The tests carried out by the appointed labs, at 23°C and 60°C, have been completed in accordance with the DIN EN 12873-1 and 2 standard.


DVGW W 270

German drinking water certification obtained through volumetric evaluation of the bacteriological growth on the hose filled with water.

The tests carried out by the appointed labs, at 23°C, have been completed in accordance with the DIN EN 16421 standard.

FITT Pure DVGW W 270

REG EU 10/2011

“The European regulation confirms the compliance of plastic materials and items intended for use in contact with liquid foods, after check and measurement of the migration of matter from such items into the liquids.
FITT Pure is compliant for simulants A-B-C-D1.

• REACh compliant (no SVHCs)
• RoHS compliant
• PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) free
• Phthalate free (< 0.1% weight/weight)

FITT Pure REG EU 10/2011


“Thanks to its thermoplastic characteristics, FITT Pure combines the better mechanical performance levels of rubber with optimum workability.
Fully atoxic and plasticizer-free, its patented material (EP2032352) is also recyclable, differently from other mesh elastomer materials.
The inner and the outer layers are made of thermoplastic elastomer materials approved for food contact and have a nil migration index, thanks to the absence of liquid plasticizers.

Thanks to the double NTS Plus mesh, FITT Pure is a hose capable of offering even better strength and performance levels, in addition to excellent malleability, therefore preventing the formation of knots and twists, and ensuring constant flow.”

FITT Pure Structure
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