FITT NTS Tobby Kit

4-layer garden hose with exclusive NTS mesh

Yellow garden watering hose, malleable, for intensive use also in agricultural environments, with adjustable nozzle and fittings, with NTS technology.


Thanks to the unique and original NTS mesh technology by FITT, FITT NTS TOBBY is malleable and does not knot or twist: the water flow is always perfect and constant, even in intensive conditions of use.

recommended for intensive use, ornamental and vegetable garden watering, washing and cleaning.

kit consisting of super-compact nozzle with adjustable flow and ergonomic handle. Made of premium quality thermoplastic material with a soft rubber cover, for excellent grip even with wet hands. With 2 quick connectors (1 aquastop) and 3/4” tap connector.

With an inner black layer that prevents the formation of algae, and materials treated to ensure resistance to UV rays and high and low temperatures (-20°/+60°C). Guaranteed 30 years.

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per box Pieces per pallet EAN
12.5 20 27 5 60 8011963764023
12.5 20 27 5 60 8011963786827
15 15 25 4 48 8011963764030
15 15 25 5 60 8011963784205
15 20 25 4 48 8011963764047
15 25 25 3 36 8011963764054