FITT NTS MARINE, guaranteed performance in marine environments

FITT NTS MARINE is the elegant white hose with blue stripes that reminds of the sea. It’s ideal for use on boats, docks, marinas and harbours. Made with two special formulations, one anti-UV to prevent ageing and one that makes it suitable for contact with salt water, FITT NTS MARINE can also be used in swimming pools and sports facilities. High performance guaranteed by the unique and original NTS (No Torsion System) technology developed by FITT twenty-five years ago, and now an international standard. The No Torsion System makes FITT NTS MARINE highly malleable and easy to use, avoiding the formation of knots and twists, therefore ensuring a continuous flow of water. Thanks to the SKY TECH technology, FITT NTS MARINE is resistant to cuts and abrasions, and frictionlessly tackles all surfaces, even through corners.

Main features

NO TWISTS AND KNOTS - Thanks to the unique and original NTS mesh technology by FITT, FITT NTS MARINE is malleable and does not knot or twist: the water flow is always perfect and constant, even in intensive conditions of use.

The external surface of the hose features the SKY TECH technology, which increases cut and abrasion resistance and makes the hose frictionless on all surfaces, including corners. Prevents premature ageing of the hose in difficult environments.

recommended for intensive use, specifically for marine applications, washing and cleaning, for carrying water even in saline environments.

With an inner black layer that prevents the formation of algae, and materials treated to ensure resistance to UV rays and high and low temperatures (-20°/+60°C). Guaranteed 30 years.

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per box Pieces per pallet EAN
15 25 25 4 48 8011963764757
15 50 25 2 24 8011963764764
19 25 22 2 24 8011963764771
19 50 22 16 8011963764788