3-layer hose with braided reinforcement for good pressure resistance, featuring Microlights technology

Garden watering hose for hobby use

Thanks to the insertion of tiny aluminium particles directly into the PVC compound, the innovative Microlights system gives the hose a shimmering effect and the particular combination of PVC with aluminium particles makes the aesthetic effect permanent.

recommended for hobby and light use, for gardening and watering activities in general

With an inner black layer that prevents the formation of algae, and resistant to temperatures between -10° and +40°C Guaranteed 10 years

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per pallet EAN
12.5 15 24 78 8011963770536
12.5 25 24 66 8011963770550
15 15 24 72 8011963770567
15 25 24 60 8011963770581
19 25 24 30 8011963783987