FITT Multiflex Xtreme

Heavy-duty hose for agricultural use, even at low temperatures.

Extremely flexible at low temperatures and suitable for cold climates, FITT Multiflex Xtreme is ideal for the suction and delivery of sewage, and is suitable for installation in tank trucks, sewage trucks and cesspools.


PVC hose with reinforcement spiral in rigid shock-resistant PVC.

Extremely flexible at low temperatures.
High crushing resistance.
Good external abrasion resistance.




Flexibility even at low temperatures

To assess the flexibility, a test was carried out to measure the bending force at low temperatures according to EN ISO 10619-2.

FITT Multiflex Xtreme maintains an excellent flexibility when in usage up to -20°C, while its material has a tested resistance up to -40°C.

FITT Multiflex Xtreme has a low bending radius which means time saving and greater safety.

Test on the product in usage at -20°C.
Test on the product materials at -40°C.

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