FITT Freel

The responsible hose reel

FITT Freel is FITT's solution designed to offer to the public, in one single package, a hose reel, ready to be connected to the tap, and the innovative compact and lightweight FITT Force hose.

Sustainable Product

Because it uses 30% recycled plastic material.
Complete with FITT Force, SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT because it reduces its CO2e emissions by 43%

compared with other hose reels with standard pvc hose

Compared with other hose reels with standard pvc hose

FITT Freel LCA declaration

FITT Freel

Through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), FITT identifies, measures and reports the CO2 emissions of its products throughout their life cycles. This empirical tool makes it possible to map the environmental impacts of products, from the sourcing of their raw materials to their disposal.


Dynamic Tech

When the hose reel is not been used, FITT Force is flat and fits perfectly inside.
When the tap is opened, the hose fills with water and takes on its classic round shape: the DYNAMIC TECH mechanism guides the expansion of the hose. When the tap is closed again, the hose returns to flat and the mechanism returns to its initial position, making sure that FITT Force fits perfectly inside.


Full kit ready for use:
1 x 20 m FITT Force hose
4 Fittings
1 Nozzle
1 Tap connector"

The hose reel features a dynamic mechanism specifically designed for compact and lightweight hoses: the original Dynamic Tech - Patent Pending - adapts to the volume of the hose: when the hose fills with water it shrinks, and when the hose is empty it extends, avoiding choking and flow restrictions.
The product is suitable for both intensive and daily and domestic use.

sustainability icon
The responsible hose reel
The only one complete with the innovative high flow rate light and compact hose.
recycled plastic
During production, we use > 30% recycled polypropylene from post-industrial recycled quality raw materials according to ISO 14021.
Complete with FITT Force,
-43% CO2e emissions when compared with the current FITT NTS

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per box Pieces per pallet EAN
12.5 20 20 3 36 8011963788883