FITT Foglia Verde EVO

Performance and emission reduction, the evolution of Foglia Verde

FITT Foglia Verde EVO is the high quality regenerated polyethylene cover film suitable for professional and hobby use. Thanks to the introduction of post-industrial material, the evolution of the standard Foglia Verde not only maintains its performance, but is also able to guarantee a 30% reduction in CO2e emissions. The thickness of 0.12 mm, much smaller than the 0.20 mm thickness of other films on the market, means that with an equal weight it offers 80% more coverage than other standard products, with clear savings. Low thickness also means less use of raw material and therefore reduced environmental impact in terms of raw material usage and after life disposal.

Minimum guaranteed durability

Thanks to its anti-UV formulation, FITT Foglia Verde has a minimum life of 12 months.

Up to 80% more surface area for the same weight compared to a standard film.

Patented system for the application of a handle (single or double depending on the weight), to ensure easy handling of the roll (manual handling).


The advantages of Foglia Verde EVO

Strength, durability and cost-efficiency are just some of the advantages offered by FITT Foglia Verde EVO, in addition to its reduced environmental impact, with a 30% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to the standard product.

Laboratory-tested high strength
Minimum guaranteed life of 12 months thanks to the anti UV formulation
Length and warranty indicated on the selvedge
Product civil liability insurance cover
Twice the surface area for the same weight
One-year warranty

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The responsible regenerated polyethylene film
100% performance
CO2e emission
Compared to the material used for the current standard FITT Foglia Verde (based on in-house LCA analysis according to UNI EN ISO 14040-44)
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