FITT Ecodrop Kit

Micro-porous water soaker hose

Hose for underground and surface irrigation, localised drip irrigation, and for watering plants in a precise spot, for hobby use.


specifically indicated for gardening applications, for the localised watering of vegetable gardens and small green spaces.

featuring tiny surface pores that allow water to be distributed by soaking, creating a continuous and even moisture line along its length.

up to 70% water savings due to the elimination of the evaporation effect.

Including 1 pressure reducer with quick fitting and 1 sealing plug. The pressure reducer makes the water flow evenly along the whole hose.

made from materials treated to increase UV resistance and prevent the formation of algae. Guaranteed 5 years.

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) EAN
12.5 15 8011963748818