The unique formulation of FITT Blutech uses organic stabilisers that are completely free from heavy metals, while the Power Lock® jointing system ensures perfect long-term stability and functionality of the seal.

The PVC hose for transporting pressurised fluids

Advanced jointing system

FITT Blutech uses the Power Lock® socket based jointing system with integrated gasket mechanically pre-inserted during the hot formation of the socket based joint, ensuring perfect long-term stability and functionality of the gasket.

The use of OBS organic stabilizers free of heavy metals ensures the compliance of FITT Blutech with the most stringent environmental protection regulatory standards of the main European markets

PVC is impervious to most solutions containing acids, bases and salts with which it comes into contact during use, preventing the internal surface from being attacked by lime scale. This ensures the long-term preservation of the optimal stability of the roughness coefficient, for a hose with a better hygiene performance.

High gasket performance Time savings during checks and tests Guaranteed hydraulic tightness with both positive and negative pressure Greater reliability in the tightness of the joint Angular deflection of 3.0° at the joint (high offsets) Internal socket based joint dimensions not susceptible to variations.

The pipe reaches the installation site complete with seal, therefore preventing its loss or damage No displacement of the gasket Easy, quick and safe assembly Significant reduction in assembly force, which becomes an important factor as the diameter increases, allowing savings in terms of force applied (to several hundred Newtons) Reduced installation works Manual assembly in total absence of machinery Reduction of laying times.
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