FITT Blusky

Innovative leaf for construction site and screed

FITT Blu Sky® is the innovative polyethylene sheet for screeds with high vapor barrier power, resistant to tearing, tearing and puncture. Thanks to in-depth technical skills and cutting-edge production technologies, FITT BluSky® guarantees very high quality standards and ensures extreme practicality in the installation phase due to its greater elasticity.

Higher breaking strength

Thanks to an innovative polymer blend, the product is 61% more resistant than a standard leaf.

The special formulation of the film, in addition to significantly increasing the tensile strength, improves the elasticity characteristics which are 42% higher than the common films in use, significantly reducing the "memory effect" of the fold.

Despite the reduced thicknesses, the product has a 53% higher resistance to tear propagation than the neutral leaf.

The product avoids the formation of condensation inside the constituent elements, creating a barrier for water vapor. Vapor Transmission compliant with UNI EN 13984 according to the UNI EN 1931 method. After aging (obtained by exposure to high temperature for 84 days at 70 ° C, in accordance with UNI EN 1296), the specimens were defined "morphologically INTACT ". The diffusion resistance factor is μ = 270000

The superior performance offered by FITT Blu Sky® is proven by the CE marking which validates its compliance with the essential requirements provided for by the UNI EN 13984: 2013 Directive on flexible waterproofing membranes, as demonstrated by the tests conducted on the product by the Giordano Institute, laboratory of proof notified pursuant to Legislative Decree 16 June 2017, n. 106. Adaptation of national legislation to the provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011, which establishes harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and repeals Directive 89/106 / EEC. 3


Why choose FITT Blu Sky®

The FITT Blu Sky® PE sheet acts as a sliding and separating layer between the elements that make up the flooring, reducing friction during shrinkage or expansion. Thanks to its vapor barrier properties, tested by the Chemistry Department of the Politecnico di Torino and by the Giordano Institute, FITT Blu Sky® is able to protect the flooring from rising damp, prevent the expulsion of surface concrete fragments. in the pavements and to preserve the foundation ballast from water percolation due to rain or frequent washing. FITT Blu Sky® also avoids detachment phenomena of the continuous waterproof resin surface coatings, caused by the pressure of the vapor accumulated in the concrete-resin interface.

Customized display and palletization

For the FITT Blu Sky® sheet, FITT has developed an innovative display that allows you to house three reels of different sizes (sheet height 2-4-6 and 8 m - reel height 1.02 m) occupying a small space and guaranteeing - at the same time it is extremely easy to use thanks also to the lower weight (25 kg / reel) compared to the standard.

The use of FITT Blu Sky® is recommended

In case an epoxy resin coating is to be applied to the concrete floor
In the event that the floor is subject to frequent washing or in the case of external yards where rainwater, infiltrated in the joints, could reach the layers of the ballast, favoring the removal of the fine parts and the formation of cavities
Between plate and ballast which could cause subsidence of the floor
In the event that the floor is made of pre-finished wood and must be isolated from rising damp from the concrete or pre-existing floor
In the event that the floor is made in geographical areas (such as the Adriatic belt) where the presence of potentially reactive aggregates with the alkali of the cement is found.

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