FITT Bluforce RJ

FITT Bluforce RJ, Europe's first thermoplastic pipe with tensile resistant system. The mechanical seal and the hydraulic tightness achieved with the tensile resistant gasket allow easy, fast and safe installation without the need for thrust blocks, even on steep slopes and landslide prone terrains.

The innovative state-of-the-art polymer alloy PVC-A (PVC-HI)* tensile resistant piping system complete with the new wide radius bends.

Polymer alloy

The technology used for manufacturing FITT Bluforce RJ is based on the PVC-A (PVC-HI)* polymer alloy, where "A" stands for "alloy", consisting of two main compounds:
traditional PVC-U and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE).
PVC-A combines the strength of PVC-U and the ductility of polyethylene, resulting in a product that offers very high resistance to crack propagation, the main cause of failure in pressure networks.

(*) At a regulatory level, it is defined as a polymeric alloy of Poly Vinyl Chloride with high impact strength PVC-HI (such as PVC-M, PVC-A, PVC-CPE). PVC-HI (PVC-M, PVC-A, PVC-CPE) is a thermoplastic material that contains PVC resin with the addition of an impact modifier (PVC-High Impact). Depending on the type of impact modifier, the acronym HI can be replaced with various designations (PVC-A, Acrylic or PVC-A Alloy (polymer alloy); PVC-CPE, Chlorinated Polyethylene; PVC-M, Modified).

FITT Bluforce RJ features a socket based jointing system with integrated gasket, mechanically pre-inserted during the hot formation of the socket based joint. The Bulldog® gasket consists of three elements that guarantee both the hydraulic tightness and the mechanical seal of the joint. This technology allows for the creation of pipelines without the need for thrust blocks, in addition to laying on steeply sloping or landslide prone terrain.

The system is completed with the tensile resistant wide radius bends. The tensile resistant bends avoid the need for thrust blocks and are available in 45° and 90° angles, with a PN16 pressure class.

Thanks to their permanently ductile behaviour, FITT Bluforce PVC-A hoses offer high shock resistance even at low temperatures, making working site activities easier.

The double chamber integrated gasket mechanically pre-inserted during the hot formation ensures ease of installation, perfect functionality and optimal hydraulic tightness and mechanical seal of the pipe and, in addition to allowing installation in steeply sloping or landslide prone terrains, makes FITT Bluforce RJ ideal for trenchless applications such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

FITT Bluforce RJ EPD declaration

EPD® the environmental product declaration of the FITT Bluforce range

FITT Bluforce is the first PVC-A product platform to boast the EPD® mark in Europe, the environmental product declaration that provides certified data on the life cycle of products, according to the international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804: 2012 + A2: 2019


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FITT Bluforce RJ is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice due to its low carbon footprint.
of CO2e emission
Raw material with reference to ISO 1452-2:2009 standard
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