FITT Agix®: The Kiwa Quality (KQ) certified system according to the EN17192 standard

Indoor air quality is essential for people's health and well-being: in developed countries, the population spends 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air because to the external pollutants, which are trapped and accumulated, are added the chemical pollutants of homes and biological contaminants generated by man. For these reasons FITT has developed FITT Agix®, the first VMC distribution and diffusion system certified by Kiwa according to the European standard EN 17192: 2019. Recently introduced, the European standard EN 17192 is the first dedicated to non-metallic ducts for ventilation in residential buildings and redesigns the approach to the entire distribution system

hermetic seal of the system

which measures the airtightness of the non-metallic ducting unit in accordance with EN ISO 5817: 2017;

which measures the pressure drop of the non-metallic ducting unit in accordance with EN ISO 5801: 2017;

which determines the thermal resistance of the material in accordance with EN 12667;

defining the operating temperature range for the use of ventilation ducts;

which determines the reaction to fire in compliance with the EN 13501 standard
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