FITT Agave Kit

4-layer hose with braided reinforcement for excellent pressure resistance.

Garden and Agricultural environment watering hose, strong, for frequent use, with nozzle and fittings


Recommended for frequent use, for gardening and watering activities in general.

kit consisting of nozzle with soft handle and 2 quick connectors (1 aquastop), and ¾” tap connector

With an inner black layer that prevents the formation of algae, and materials treated to ensure resistance to UV rays and temperatures between -15° and +50°C Guaranteed 15 years

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per box Pieces per pallet EAN
20 20 60 8011963770598
12.5 20 36 72 8011963770598
15 20 36 60 8011963770628