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FITT Polska
A production branch of excellence in Eastern Europe

FITT Polska, established in 2013, is a production and logistics branch of the Italian industrial group FITT S.p.A. specialised in the production and distribution of garden hoses and irrigation systems.

Located in Węgrów, FITT Polska employs 80 people working in the technologically advanced production and logistics departments.

In continuous expansion, FITT Polska is guided by its parent company in the implementation of new processes and technologies that guarantee the highest level of quality available on the market today in terms of efficiency, functionality, reliability and, last but not least, environmental sustainability.

FITT Polska specialises in the production of knitted and braided hoses and has recently increased its production lines with the introduction of KC lines, the highest performance ones in FITT’s production system for knitted hoses. With a continuous-cycle organisational model, FITT Polska guarantees maximum production efficiency together with a high level of quality, thanks to its quality laboratory equipped with the most advanced systems for verifying the high standards provided by FITT.

fitt Polska

unloading ramps
pallet storage capacity
48 hours
for shipping to Europe
12.000 m2
of production area
4.000 m2
of warehouse

The technologically advanced RSM (Radio Shuttle Modules) drive-in racking system, integrated with the SAP system, optimises processes by coordinating production with logistics. The system uses wireless networks to route inputs to the appropriate equipment, speeding up operations and increasing efficiency.

The evolution of the market requires adaptation to high standards, and FITT S.p.a. promotes with its branches the need to ensure a high level of customer service with state-of-the-art processes and technologies. FITT Polska guarantees a dynamic and punctual service for the dispatch of orders, including single piece picking, with 24/48 hour delivery throughout Europe.

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