u FITT Kiuma and FITT Jantis: <br>FITT's latest arrivals for domestic irrigation
FITT Kiuma and FITT Jantis:
FITT's latest arrivals for domestic irrigation

From ecodesign guidelines to the ability to scientifically measure the impact of products for the reduction of CO2 emissions, to the adoption of a supply chain approach that minimises negative impacts throughout the entire life cycle, FITT’s new solutions are the result of a commitment to quality, user-friendliness and sustainability.

The two new domestic irrigation product families developed by FITT, which will be available on the market from 2025, follow two different but complementary paths: no PVC for FITT Kiuma and the use of phthalate-free recycled PVC for FITT Jantis.

FITT Kiuma, the monomaterial, PVC-free, 100% satisfaction zero stress hose

FITT Kiuma is the new highly manoeuvrable hose that combines the benefits of an extendable and a traditional hose in one solution. Ultralight, super-flexible even at low temperatures and withstanding pressures of up to 20 bar, FITT Kiuma is the high-flow hose for daily and intensive use. The NTS Plus Technology ensures that the hose is highly malleable and easy to handle, preventing knots and twists and providing a continuous water flow.

Completely PVC-free, FITT Kiuma is manufactured with an innovative patented formulation that uses compatible materials for both the layers and the NTS Plus textile reinforcement, making the hose fully recyclable at an industrial level.

FITT Kiuma comes with a kit of fittings made from 60% recycled plastic and is packed in plastic-free packaging.

FITT Jantis, the hose range with 60% phthalate-free recycled PVC

FITT Jantis uses 60% phthalate-free recycled PVC from a collaboration between FITT and a film and liner manufacturer. The recycled material, which undergoes strict checks during all the various stages of the supply chain, consists of graded chips, selected to ensure consistent particle size and extrusion stability and, therefore, a high-performance hose. FITT Jantis Act is a braided hose with a high bursting pressure resistance. FITT Jantis Evo is a knitted hose with NTS technology that prevents kinks and knots.

Also FITT Jantis comes with a kit of fittings made from 60% recycled plastic and packed in plastic-free packaging.

The in-house tests conducted in accordance with the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards show that over their entire life cycle FITT Jantis Act and FITT Jantis Evo produce 25% less CO2eq than conventional NTS mesh and braided PVC hoses.

FITT Kiuma and FITT Jantis: offset the CO2e emissions from their production

The carbon-offset is achieved by purchasing Gold Standard certified carbon credits, which come from the Water is Life project, committed to providing drinking water to the villages of Anketrake, Andranogadra and Ankatsaky in Madagascar.