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FITT France, the French branch of the FITT Group based in Vitrolles, has been involved in large-scale distribution on the French market since 2017 (since 1995 as COMECAP).
FITT France markets irrigation solutions by making the products available in large specialised distribution outlets, DIY stores, garden centres and agricultural self-service facilities.

The range of products marketed by FITT France throughout the country includes products manufactured by the Group's factories and products manufactured by other companies for which FITT France is responsible for the distribution. In addition to the permanent range sold under the FITT and TECHN’O brands, FITT France is also able to analyse specific requirements for irrigation products.

  • Market expertise: FITT France’s teams have market knowledge that enables them to best respond to the needs of customers and distributors.
  • Production capacity and quality: with 14 factories located in Europe, the FITT Group is able to strengthen the links it forges with its distributors on a daily basis.
  • Faithful to its values and strong in its technological know-how, FITT France offers design solutions to improve the daily life of end users through the wide and comprehensive range of hoses and accessories it sells.
  • An organisation dedicated to distribution which ensures the level of service required for a good relationship between FITT France and its distributors.
  • FITT France’s strong commitment to the CSR policy distinguishes it from other companies on the French market. To achieve this, the FITT Group implements an eco-design process for each new product development. To this end, a Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process is implemented in 3 steps: measurement, reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions during the manufacture of a new product.

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Supported by production units located in France and Italy, the FITT France sales team is able to evaluate any type of specific production request. For many years, FITT France has been manufacturing, packaging and distributing products under the brand name of the distributor, regardless of the distribution network.

FITT France makes every effort to guarantee and improve its commercial relations with its customers. FITT France is therefore committed to complying with the regulations governing the commercial relationship between suppliers and distributors, and is particularly vigilant in respecting and enforcing articles L442-1 et seq. of the Commercial Code. As a member of the Professional Association Industrie del Nouvel Habitat (INOHA), FITT France also undertakes to comply with the Code of Good Practice (CGC), as amended on 15 June 2022, signed between INOHA and the Federation of DIY Stores (FMB).

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FITT exists to improve the business of its customers, by providing complete thermoplastic pipes, hoses and systems for the transport of liquid, gaseous and solid substances, with products at the forefront of technology, design and sustainability.
FITT develops solutions that ensure safety, performance and ease of use, applicable to 9 dedicated and specialised business units.

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