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FITT Bluforce RJ
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FITT Bluforce RJ

FITT Bluforce RJ
FITT Bluforce RJ
FITT Bluforce RJ
FITT Bluforce RJ

FITT Bluforce RJ, – where “RJ” refers to “restraint joint” – can solve a series of necessities concerning both the design and laying phases, besides ensuring durable operation.

For designers it is far easier to design pipelines with restraint systems that do not require complex calculations to create thrust blocks; moreover, with the same type of pipe they can create sections that require mechanical seals and sections that do not require this technology.

Likewise, the company will have an easier task in laying the pipes, as they do not require external joints or, alternatively, concrete thrust blocks to be fitted in the restraint sections. Moreover, like for other polymers, long and delicate material welding operations are no longer necessary.

For the managing body it is an optimal solution for safely and rapidly completing network extensions and maintenance works on existing pipelines, resulting in shorter work times on-site without adversely affecting the durability of the polymer alloy technology.


Test on pressure

All pipes of the FITT Bluforce RJ range have been subjected to 1,000-hour regression tests in accordance with the EN 1452 standard with internal pressures conforming to the design MPa values, and they amply passed the tests without any leakages or fractures.

Thanks to the data derived from tests at 1,000 hours, it is possible to identify the axial tightness of the restraint joint fitted on FITT Bluforce RJ, with values ranging from a minimum of roughly 20 kN for DN 90 PN 16 pipes to a maximum not exceeding 440 kN for DN 400 PN 20 pipes.

Bulldog sealing system®

FITT Bluforce RJ uses the socket-based jointing system with the seal mechanically hot-inserted in advance during the socket forming phase. The Bulldog® seal is made up of three elements that guarantee both the hydraulic and mechanical tightness of the joint:

  1. EPDM rubber sealing ring conforming to the EN 681 standard, certified according to Ministerial Decree no. 174/2004
  2. GJS 450-10 ductile iron envelope with epoxy protection applied through cataphoresis
  3. GJS 450-10 ductile iron mechanical sealing ring with epoxy protection applied through cataphoresis This hot pre-insertion method guarantees a totally stable seal, resulting in easy assembly, perfect functionality and optimal hydraulic and mechanical tightness of the pipes over time.

The Bulldog® system is characterised by:

  • rapid installation, thanks to the low assembly force
  • high hydraulic tightness, certified by tests conducted in pressurised and depressurised conditions
  • high mechanical tightness, guaranteed by the GJS 450-10 ring.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to build pipelines without creating thrust blocks. Moreover, the pipes can be laid on terrains that are strongly
sloping or prone to landslides.

FITT Bluforce RJ introduces an innovative assembly concept for thermoplastic pipes, combining the laying ease of PVC-A pipes with socket-based joint and mechanical tightness – a feature found only on other materials up to now.

The Bulldog® system works with a “double chamber” structure, as the mechanical and hydraulic seals are supported by two distinct elements. This feature allows for keeping the design allowable operating pressure (PFA) unchanged even though the pipelines have restraint joints: the hydraulic tightness is guaranteed by the EPDM seal while the GJS 450-10 ring housed in the relevant envelope guarantees the mechanical tightness. Given the “double chamber” structure and the protection ensured by the epoxy coating applied through cataphoresis, the metal parts of the system are entirely preserved from corrosion. The advantages of using FITT Bluforce RJ pipes can be summarised in their easy and quick installation: no special devices are required to insert them nor do costly thrust blocks need to be designed and manufactured. FITT Bluforce RJ arrives on-site complete with the Bulldog® system, thus minimising the risk of human error. Moreover, the pipes can be assembled with extremely limited force, comparable to that required for normal FITT Bluforce pipes.

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Technical Data
Diameter PN 10 thickness (mm) PN 16 thickness (mm) PN 20 thickness (mm) LB (mm) Pcs/pallet
90 - 4,00 4,90 165 84
110 3,10 4,90 6,00 170 57
160 4,50 7,00 8,70 200 26
200 5,60 8,80 10,90 230 15
225 6,30 9,90 12,20 245 14
250 7,00 11,00 13,60 260 12
315 8,80 13,80 17,10 300 6
400 11.10 17,50 21,70 330 9 per il PN10 6 per il PN16

All the pipes are supplied with protective plugs for the sockets to guarantee the integrity of the seal and facilitate laying operations.
The pipes are available in 6-metre bars. FITT Bluforce RJ is perfectly compatible with all PVC pipe couplings available on the market (cast iron, steel, PVC-U).