FITT Force the most lightweight and durable garden hose for intensive usage

NTS and HD-TECH: the perfect combination of technology and performance

With the NTS mesh, the hose offers even greater strength and performance, in addition to extreme malleability, preventing the formation of tangles and twists, guaranteeing constant water flow.

HD-TECH technology guarantees high resistance to abrasion and puncture. The use of thermoplastic elastomer *Santoprene® (Santoprene® TPV from ExxonMobil®) combined with the ultra-light technology, gives the tube extreme handling and high flexibility.

*Santoprene and Exxon are registered trademarks of ExxonMobil.

  1. High tenacity fiber reinforcement layer to withstand pressure > 333 psi.
  2. High Durable Technology (HD-TECH) cover is abrasion resistant and puncture proof.
  3. Ultra soft inner core layer for superior manageability and high flexibility.
  4. No PVC, phthalates or lead – “drinking water safe!”.
  5. The NTS chain mesh technology eliminates flow restriction due to kinks and tangles.
  6. Perfect all year long: from -30°C to +70°C.