FITT Rollcable Grey

Double-wall corrugated cable conduit pipe made of HDPE

Rollcable Grey is a double-wall corrugated cable conduit pipe made of HDPE that is grey on the outside and black on the inside. Rollcable Grey is ",Plastic Second Life" certified and complies with the CEI EN 61386-24 standard (formerly CEI EN 50086-2-4/A1-CEI 23-46;V1).

Plastic Second Life

75% recycled content. Certification issued by Kiwa Cermet Italy, complying with the UNI 10667 industry technical standards and the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14021.

The crushing resistance is fundamental, since the buried pipe is subjected to the static load of the covering soil and further stress due to the action to which the soil itself is subjected. Shock resistance is important to prevent damage to the pipe that can occur during the laying operations.

UV stabilized with 12 months warranty from the date of manufacturing stated on the product

Minimum bending radius: 15 times the outer diameter.

Manufacturer’s warranties in relation to the EU directives for the EU market.


“,Plastic Second Life” certification

The Rollcable Grey double-wall corrugated HDPE pipe has obtained the “,Plastic Second Life” certification by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics.

“,Plastic Second Life” is a voluntary system of environmental product certification dedicated to products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste from separate waste collection, and therefore from industrial waste.

It’s the first Italian and European marking dedicated to recycled plastic, developed from the need to make products obtained from recycled plastics destined for Public Administrations, large-scale retail trade, as well as private citizens, easily identifiable and more visible.

The work to recognize the mark was carried out by Kiwa Cermet Italia SpA, partner of IPPR and accredited with Accredia, which makes this certification objective, accessible and impartial, in line with PolyCert Europe's standards (European technical platform for the harmonization of existing certification schemes related to the adoption of circular raw materials by polymeric material processors in Europe according to the best production standards).

The conformity certification issued by Kiwa Cermet Italia guarantees compliance with UNI 10667 technical industry standards, applying the concept of traceability and calculating the content according to UNI EN ISO 14021. In the case of FITT Rollcable Grey, 75% recycled content is certified.

FITT Rollcable grey - plastica seconda vita

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter out (mm) Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m)
40 31.5 25
40 31.5 50
50 40.1 25
50 40.1 50
63 51 25
63 51 50
75 59.5 25
75 59.5 50
90 71.5 25
90 71.5 50
110 92.2 25
110 92.2 50
125 105.3 25
125 105.3 50
160 135 25
160 135 50