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FITT Blutech
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FITT Blutech

FITT Blutech
FITT Blutech
FITT Blutech
FITT Blutech
FITT Blutech

Power lock® is a jointing system which ensures a perfectly stable and operational seal over the long term.

FITT Blutech implements the socket-based jointing system with the seal mechanically hot-inserted in advance during the socket forming phase. The Power Lock® seal consists of an EPDM elastomer sealing element in accordance with the UNI EN 681 standard, co-moulded with a fibre-reinforced polypropylene stiffening ring.

This jointing system guarantees a high degree of seal stability, resulting in easy assembly, perfect functionality and optimal hydraulic tightness of the pipes over time. The full socketing process entails the formation of the socket on the chuck and on the seal, thus fully eliminating any irregularities commonly found on standard products. In actual fact, the existing clearances between the seal and its housing are eliminated, guaranteeing a stable ring and eliminating displacement during pipe assembly.

BIM Model

The advantages offered by the Power Lock® system are evident to all sector


  • High seal performance
  • Time-saving for inspections and tests
  • Guaranteed hydraulic tightness in case of both positive and negative pressure
  • Enhanced reliability of the joint’s tightness
  • 3.0° angular deflection on the joint (high misalignments)
  • Internal dimensions of the socket not susceptible
  • to variations.


  • The pipe arrives at the laying site with the already inserted seal, thus preventing potential loss or damage of the seal itself
  • No shifting of the seal
  • Easy, quick and safe assembly
  • Considerable reduction of the difficulties involved in assembling the pipelines. The effort becomes significant as the diameter increases, resulting in a lower amount
  • of force applied (in the range of a few hundred Newtons)
  • Less manpower required for installation
  • Manual assembly without any need for machinery
  • Shorter laying times.


  • Guaranteed hydraulic tightness regardless of the joint’s deflection
  • The pipe and seal work as a single unit
  • No risk of incorrect laying of the pipeline
  • Guaranteed optimal operation of the system for both the installer and the plant manager.

Test Report

It is well known that the joint is the weak link in a conventional laid pipe, but FITT Blutech - due to its exclusive Power Lock jointing system - ensures an excellent seal even in extreme conditions. To confirm the technical superiority of FITT Blutech, FITT commissioned the Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (Italian Plastics Institute) to run rigorous seal tests which demonstrated the resistance of the pipe even in more heavily stressed conditions than those envisaged by the standard. 


Negative pressure seal testing of the joint demonstrated a complete lack of leakage after 15 minutes, despite the application of an angular deformation of 3.0°, which is greater than the 2.0° demanded by the standard. Another indication of the reliability of the product is given by the fact that the joint maintains its tightness even when subjected to a diametrical deformation of 10%, well in excess of the regulatory 5%.

The optimal performance of the pipe in these tests reflects its performance in actual use as a gravity-fed sewage pipe in the presence of groundwater. This is a very critical condition, in which the joint prevents leakage of the fluid, and hence pollution of the groundwater itself. This also has an important economic aspect, since it means that there is no need to purify large volumes of groundwater.


FITT Blutech passed the positive pressure seal test despite application of an angular deformation of 3.0° and a test pressure far greater than the pipe’s nominal pressure (NP10 rated pipe tested to NP16).

Product info

The PVC pipe for the transport of pressurised fluids

Excellent hydraulic flow
Reduced tendency to form encrustation (its internal surface does not accumulate mud deposit or scaling)
Excellent solidity and resistance to external loading
High flexibility 
Resistance to chemical and electrochemical aggression
Resistance to abrasion
Easy laying and assembly
Excellent value for money.


FITT Blutech pipe complies with:

  • UNI EN ISO 1452 for the transport of pressurised fluids for the delivery of drinking water, irrigation water and sewage, certified with the IIP Mark pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree 174 06/04/2004 (water for human consumption) and Italian Ministerial Decree 21/03/1973 (Food fluids)
  • UNI EN 1622 - Analysis of water – determination of the threshold odour number (TON) and threshold flavour number (TFN).


Technical Data
  PN6 PN10 PN12,5 PN16 PN20    
diameter mm Thickness mm Thickness mm Thickness mm Thickness mm Thickness mm LB cm Pieces per pallet
63 2 3 3,8 4,7 5,8 12 51
75 2,3 3,6 4,5 5,6 6,8 12 73
90 2,8 4,3 5,4 6,7 8,2 12 84
110 2,7 4,2 5,3 6,6 8,1 13 57
125 3,1 4,8 6 7,4 9,2 15 43
140 3,5 5,4 6,7 8,3 10,3 15 23
160 4 6,2 7,7 9,5 11,8 16 26
180 4,4 6,9 8,6 10,7 13,3 16 22
200 4,9 7,7 9,6 11,9 14,7 17 15
225 5,5 8,6 10,8 13,4 16,6 22 14
250 6,2 9,6 11,9 14,8 18,4 24 12
280 6,9 10,7 13,4 16,6 20,6 24 11
315 7,7 12,1 15 18,7 23,2 24 6
355 8,7 13,6 16,9 21,1 26,1 24 8
400 9,8 15,3 19,1 23,7 29,4 24 9/6 (pn16)
500 12,3 19,1 23,9 29,7 36,8 27 2
630 15,4 24,1 30 - - 30 2
710 17,4 27,2 - - - 32 2