Easy-to-use, handy to store away or to carry.

Length (meter)

Watering the garden or washing your car is now far easier, more practical and satisfying thanks to YOYO, the innovative system designed by FITT that is lightweight, compact and ready for use. Consisting of an extendable hose, fittings and multi-jet spray gun, YOYO is a versatile product that has revolutionised the garden hose market.

The ideal solution to water vegetable plots and gardens, wash outdoor furniture, cars, bicycles and toys, or to bring along when camping or sailing. YOYO stretches to almost twice its length as water flows through it under pressure, and then returns to its original size after use.

Equipped with all necessary accessories, YOYO is ready for use.

  1. Multi-jet spray gun
  2. Fittings with Aquastop system
  3. Tap connector

Thanks to the modern bag with laces, YOYO is now easy to put away between uses and store away for the winter.

YOYO GO is the perfect solution for keeping your red system tidy and clean.


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