For FITT, the training of its staff is a fundamental asset that must be constantly nurtured, not only to facilitate the growth of the company business, but most of all to enhance the capabilities of everyone, whilst also promoting sharing and (why not?) creativity.

This is why also this year here at FITT training continues to take centre stage, so much so that it leads the way to the start of an important project called “Lean Digital Transformation”, in collaboration with the training company Forema, through the Business Unit Il Cubo Rosso.

And training is indeed something in which FITT strongly believes, as demonstrated by the 35,488 hours of training delivered in 2019 to 1150 participants from many different areas and carrying out different duties, and which included training for the acquisition and improvement of personal skills, on-the-job training and safety training. Training is useful for learning to grasp opportunities, but also for taking on and overcoming challenges with a positive outlook, to grow whilst looking at the future together.

The “Lean Digital Transformation” project involves over 100 members of staff, including Office and Operations. It aims at ensuring the acquisition of a range of skills, required for supporting projects devised for the improvement of efficiency and/or digitalisation activities, following the continuous improvement principle, one of the cores of the Lean Management philosophy.

The strong way in which talent is engaged, becomes a fundamental point for the evolution of our way of doing business. It creates skills that allow us to compete better and more efficiently on the different markets. And the company will come out on the other side of this journey with an actual community of Lean Digital Agents, capable supporting colleagues in the many transformation projects favouring digitalisation, with new tools for the improvement of processes and the generation of ideas.

A digital transformation that, in addition to people, is not just the heart of the project, but also the mean that enabled its start, in spite of the peculiar historical moment that we are living, which meant that it had to be followed remotely.

In just a few days, everyone at FITT has changed their mentality and perspective. Because digital transformation is first of all this: a change in perspective.
It’s what will allow us to operate by improving ourselves and our company processes, together, day after day.