FITT is the market-leading company in the development of solutions for the passage and delivery of fluids – or domestic, professional and industrial use – designed to improve the lives of people and our customer’s businesses.

For over 50 years, FITT has been designing, manufacturing and selling high-technology high-design pipes and ducts to ensure reliability, safety and performance for our customers and end-users.

Why choose Fitt?

Choosing to collaborate with FITT means choosing to benefit from over 50 years of experience as a market-leading company in solutions for the passage of fluids.

A partner that knows more than anyone about the technological, industrial and commercial context in which its solutions must fit as well as those designed and built for our customers.

The most advanced technological skills and Italian handicraft as well as profound knowledge of the operating and commercial requirements of our customers: this is what makes FITT different.

Organised to support the future

We believe in the future because we are structured to support change.

We believe in innovation because it is part of the daily duties of each one of our staff.

We believe in peoples’ courage because being a leading company, today more than ever, means moving together out of our comfort zones.

FITT People is: 850 people, a high average level of culture, continuous training, listening and participation. Agile and autonomous teams, clear and mandates and responsible staff.

For FITT, this is what it means to be organised to support the future and to guarantee a present in which product excellence and excellent user experience represent the essence of the brand.

Facts and figures from 49 years of business
222M Revenue 2017
73% Export
9 Manufacturing sites in Europe
13 Logistics centres worldwide
850 People

Credible and consistent

Market-share of over 60% in Italy and 50% in Europe, a group turnover in 2016 of 217 million Euro, 850 people operating 15 manufacturing and commercial sites.

FITT worldwide

Italy Headquarter 6 Production facilities
7 Logistics Centers
France 2 Production plant
Associate company
3 Logistics Centres
Spain Associate company
Logistics centre
Poland Production partnership
Logistics centre
Japan Business partner
China Associate company
Logistics centre

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Business with FITT

FITT believes that openness, collaboration and networks shape the current and future way of doing business.

Network e partnership

The FITT Networking Team is available to start partnerships that share a common vision to find new ways of generating positive effects on the human and economic ecosystems.

We will contact you back

Should you be interested in further details on FITT’s partnership policies, ask us to contact you back and we will do so immediately.

We look forward to hearing from you!